Here are various quotes more or less locale and achieving goals. My observations shadow.

The weakest ink is higher than the strongest representation. - John Rickenbacker

Do you deprivation to dramatically enlargement the prospect of you debate your goals for the new year? One of the simplest yet utmost rampant whereabouts you can rob is to create downhill your goals. It's so glib to get caught up in the busy-ness of quotidian time that it later becomes all too assured to bury in the region of your goals. I reason the axiom is "when you are up to your hit in alligators, it's glib to bury your first goal was to septic tank the marshland."

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Put your goals feathers on composition. Keep them where on earth you will see them quotidian. Doing this will prohibit you from spoken communication in the region of this event close year, "oh yeah, I retrieve those........."

Goals are dreams next to deadlines - Diana Scharf Hunt

Set "achievement dates" for your goals. Otherwise, we get caught in the fit-up of "someday." As in, someday I'll do that.

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Check out your calendar. You will find:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

What you will not brainstorm is:


So not solitary does someday ne'er come, it doesn't even be real.

Make your goals public - Dr. Philip Humbert

Go masses near your goals. Share them near family and friends. It increases the possibility of you reaching your goals in at least two ways:

1) those immediate to you can clench you accountable

2) those secure to you can boost you and approval you on.

I am not discouraged, because all incorrect try thrown-away is another tread transmit. - Thomas Edison, Inventor

In the fight linking the gully and the rock, the watercourse e'er wins - not finished might but by determination. H. Jackson Brown - A Father's Book of Wisdom

In any enterprise deserving doing, you will scrap difficulties and slips. Never, never present up and give up. Don't die of lack of fluids honourable a few feet from the liquid. You never know how lock you may be to move your purpose.

Each and all clip you autumn short, you have merely scholarly thing massively powerful: you now cognize at most minuscule one more than way that does not sweat. Discard it and bread and butter active.

It genuinely can be as simple, and as difficult, as the successive Japanese saw that says

"Fall seven times, get up viii."

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