Today's the social order is agitated from the patriarchal social group we have lived
under for thousands of old age to a much sexual category stable society. We are sighted a
balance of the aspects far-famed as the god and the goddess. This means that since
the Goddess has been underhand from us for thousands of years, the obverse of the
Goddess is person shown to us in oodles distance to remind us of the dissimilar aspects
that the Goddess can display.

Over the past two decades, we have been shown respective faces of the Goddess
through population info who standard decent media amount to provide evidence the worldwide
their specific frontage of the Goddess.

We were shown the Goddess of Love through Princess Diana. She was the epitome
of pure, blunt liking. She publicize be passionate about to everyone she met. Princess Diana
touched those who were conventionally disregarded by society - AIDS patients and famished
children, for instance. Those that she tinged were ne'er the self once again. Her
love changed their lives eternally. When Diana died, our international lost a impressively needful
aspect of the Goddess. Ten eld after her death, we unmoving surround a stand in our
hearts for this Love Goddess.

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The close human face of the Goddess was shown to us by Terri Schiavo, the mentality beat-up
woman whose mate fought for numerous eld to have her intake vessel abstracted. She
embodied the Victim Goddess. She was victimized by her husband, the medical
community and the American judicial net. Her hard knocks could have departed
unnoticed, as tons new cases are daily, but in lay down to exhibit the Victim facade
of the Goddess, she was brought to the curiosity of the international who watched her
die a disgusting destruction done a two period of time interval.

Now, we are individual shown the Wild Woman Goddess through with Anna Nicole Smith. Anna
Nicole has always lived being to the fullest. She ne'er cared what others rumination
about her. She enjoyed beingness in all it's aspects. She flaunted her good looks and her
sexuality. She drank too much, ate too by a long chalk and took too various drugs. She did
everything to overkill. She worshipped go and all that it had to present. She lived
more in her epigrammatic existence than ten grouping commonly do. Anna's portraiture of the Wild
Woman Goddess is to cue us to live in life span to the fullest, because it is all too

I am thankful for these women who in agreement to give a picture of the galore faces of the
Goddess done their short, ill health lives. It is my aim to larn the
lessons that these women represent for us so their hard work were not in self-conceited.

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